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Football Team Custom stack!

Football Team Custom stack!

Here is your chance to have your custom stack made with the team of your choice. Simply pick your team and how many bracelets you want . Let Velvet the designer do the rest to bring your creation together ❤️ please note each bracelet comes with 1 charm all other charms are an extra fee. Please note custom bracelets deposits are 30.00. The 30.00 will be applied to your order. Customized orders take time if you ate requesting specific beads and charms. A standard 2 bracelet 2 charm natural stone football set start at 40.00. No deposit the work does not began.

  • Return Policy and Completion

    If you're not happy with the first draft of your stack, we will discuss and make changes ( photos and / or videos of the pieces will be sent to you to change charms and colors . Please note we will go into great detail. If after the 2nd changes are completed and you'rer still not satisfied, your deposit will not be returned. You are more than welcome to pay the balance and receive the stacks, but please understand my time and effort is valuable as is yours. Any further work requires an addition

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