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Accessorize your beauty with a little touch of glam


Whether you are going to an after 5 party, the beach, or lunch with the ladies, a little Velvet touch is all you need to add a style to any outfit. We all know how finding that one piece to make any outfit perfect can drive you crazy.  The back and forth of trying on different outfits just to realize all you needed was a small touch to make a big difference for the day’s events.

Accessories allows you to add some personality to your outfit for that extra bold flare. Really, think about how good you feel with those pair of blingy earrings when you are going out on the town, or that stone beaded necklace to give you that calm serenity feel. The boost of confidence with a fresh set of nails and that beautiful bracelet with charms to showcase you. Let’s not forget the perfect necklace to accentuate your face or neck. Take a look at our collections and find that perfect personality piece to showcase you.

A little Velvet touch is all you need

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How I Got Our Start

I believe charms and jewelry pieces add just the right amount of sparkle to any outfit. They allow you to dress it up or down. In 2018 I started out toying around with beads and charms as a hobby. Customers began requesting them more and more; and really loved the custom pieces I made. As I began the journey of researching and learning more about the industry, my hobby soon turned into a passion.  I look for, and design, jewelry that are unique and has lots of personality because these pieces tell a story, in the way the customer wants to tell their story.

Being a supplier, as well as an educator, to  help new jewelry creators build their jewelry business is also a growing passion. Giving back to those who supported my sells or just want to learn is a blessing.


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Take a closer look at some of our best accessories. Define your outfit with a statement piece that says, "you have arrived".

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Accessorize Your Style

We’re committed to helping our customers every step of the way and providing useful services to take care of all their needs. Read below to learn about the range of services we provide. We’re constantly growing and expanding our service options, so if you have something in mind that we don’t yet provide, we’d love to hear about it.

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Charm Personality

Find charms that fit your personality and style.  Add these beautiful charms to your necklace, beads, bracelets and more. They are the perfect touch to add a little fun, glam, sophistication, or just because you love it.  Dress these up with your favorite jeans, dresses, suites or oversized t-shirt. There is a charm for each occasion in your life. 

Personalize Your Jewelry

Nothing says it better than jewelry.  Handcrafted with love and precision.  These custom handmade pieces are a perfect way to show your self some love or gifts to those special people you know. Create a keep sake to remember those whom you want to keep close. 

Shop our endless collection of fun ways to customize your charms, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, spacers and more with different font selections and styles. 

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Here For any Occasion

Our bead collection are an excellent choice for every journey or occasion going on. They make the perfect gift for that someone special. Whether you are dressing down with your favorite jeans, dressing up for dinner or after 5, or just a casual day lounging around, we have something for you. Check out our colorful stone and glass beads for your next accessory moment.


I take client satisfaction very seriously. Listen to what is being said about Velvet Touch Jewelry

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